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The Sirolli Method of Enterprise Facilitation ignites communities revitalization by harnessing the passion, energy and imagination of local would be entrepreneurs. Convinced that there is no geography to intelligence and talent, Sirolli teaches communities how to transform themselves from within, one passionate person at the time.nThe Sirolli Method requires the support of a group of local citizens and the professional services of a local Enterprise Facilitator who will be trained to: 

  • Help start new entrepreneurial ventures
  • Help expand existing local business
  • Introduce best management practices to a wide section of the community
  • Connect would be entrepreneurs with know how and resources (both local and global)

More enterprises, better businesses and better management have a multiplier effect resulting in:

  • Increase revenue for local businesses
  • Lower business failure
  • Increase tax base
  • Alleviation of poverty 
  • Help to occupy vacant property
  • Improve property values
  • Optimization of  infrastructure usage and top down Econ Dev strategies
  • Help in retaining youth population and employment
  • Increases in minorities' opportunities to enter labor force
  • Optimizes use of existing business services i.e. banks, Chambers of Commerce, Professional services etc.

Mining and resource companies have adopted the Sirolli Method because it:


  • Develops a parallel economy to sustain the community long term
  • Expedites social license to operate
  • Enhances/Replaces PR and Community Relations needs

The Sirolli method of Enterprise Facilitation is cost effective because :


  • It doesn't use money or tax credits as an enticement to developers and entrepreneurs 
  • It doesn't require expensive physical infrastructures to operate.
  • Its only employee works from home and meets clients where convenient to them 
  • A properly managed Enterprise Facilitation project can achieve a ROI of up to 7 to 1 in the first year of activity.



 Our method is proven ,with 28 years of uninterrupted practice worldwide, and it differs from other local economic development initiatives for the following reasons:



The Community is directly involved in running and managing the project

  • Only one professional is paid, the Enterprise Facilitator (EF) who is supported by volunteers
  • The EF is recruited locally, is culturally appropriate to the community and is paid a local wage
  • The Enterprise Facilitator and the local management and support committee receive 15 months training on location by Sirolli Master Trainers
  • We use a Trademarked unique management coaching methodology i.e. The Trinity of Management® to coach entrepreneurs
  • The service to entrepreneurs if free, confidential, caring, competent and it is done at the convenience of the client in his or her place of choice
  • Highly visible and accessible service (coffee bar and library meetings)
  • Friendly, convivial, relaxed and completely client centered approach (we never chase clients but we promptly call them back)
  • Uniform training of professional EFs worldwide that fosters networking among then for the benefit of their clients.
  • Career path for new Enterprise Facilitators willing to become Master Trainers.
  • Community capacity building to successfully manage the EF project after 15 months of training.
  • Opportunity for the community to become a demonstration site for the EF methodology and host national and international guests.
  • Opportunity for the community to become a model for local economic development done by nurturing the passion and intelligence of its own people.
  • Opportunity to become a magnet for  entrepreneurs wanting to relocate to a dynamic and supporting community.

. Current News



Sirolli International EF, in partnership with committed individuals and organizations, establishes Enterprise Facilitation projects worldwide.


Locally recruited Enterprise Facilitators are trained to offer free, confidential and competent support to any would be entrepreneur willing to

start or expand a local business.


We support passionate entrepreneurship and we believe that it can diversify the economy, create jobs, protect the environment and develop the

new technologies necessary to feed, clothe, transport, cure and network seven billion people in a sustainable way.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Heading for 2 million views, check out Dr. Ernesto Sirolli's Ted Talk. 


Learn about the application of Enterprise Facilitation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Kamina Project Evaluation

Some 193 people have benefited from the project by either opening new business or improving existing business, while 775 new jobs were generated. 



Enterprise Facilitation reverses Main Street business mortality rates.

GovKansasLetter2 "Our Kansas Department of Commerce is excited about the new business and job creation... the positive impact the Sirolli model has achieved... Small businesses assisted through the Enterprise Facilitation model experience a better than 80% success rate over four years.... "

Kathleen Sebelius
Kansas State Governor 


West Texas 
Southeast South Dakota

. Stories From the Trenches

Bendigo Conference, AU

Kaye and Ernesto

Dr. Sirolli, Kaye Callaghan of DEECD and Lion Dancer

Ernesto spent the day with adult Educators and Community Centre Managers in Bendigo this July discussing their work in local learning and revitalizing services for Communities.

The conference “ Learn Local – Thinking Differently and Connecting Differently” sponsored by A.C.F.E.,  was co-presented by Bill Williams of Asia Pacific Management Group -  whose client centered approach to designing and selling Educational programs,  complimented the Sirolli philosophy of Trinity of Management®.

Our thanks to Kaye Callaghan for a well managed day.

Warm Springs, Oregon


Lonnie James, Chair; Patricia Gainsforth, Facilitator and Suzette McFaul, Sirolli Institute on air at the local radio station speaking about Enterprise Facilitation in Warm Springs, Oregon

Community of Wudinna, South Australia


Ernesto Sirolli with Sandy Alexander, Tom Whittle and Trevor Scholz working on Entrepreneurial support to the community of Wudinna, South Australia. Our thanks to Tim Scholz and the Wudinna Shire Council for our recent visit. So much is going on in this rural country town, it was a pleasure to be invited there!

EFFECT, Blaenau Gwent, UK

BGOne year    

Blaenau Gwent, UK project celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Moe Forouzan, facilitator, Mark Langshaw, board chair. Project proudly produces great statistics for one year in operation @ 17 new businesses and 22 jobs created.

Training Sessions


PMT Training for NE Tasmania EF

NE TasmaniaPMT Training for Cape Innovations EF (Circular Head, AU) 

Cape Innovations

City of Sydney, AU: 



front row (right to left): Jane Hooper, Aliza Denenberg, Ernesto Sirolli, Sandy Killick, Cara Levinson, Julian Lee.

Middle row (right to left): Ian Hay, Richard Roberts, Susana Ng, Rae Broadfoot, Violet Roumeliotis.

Back row (right to left): Mel Fyfe, David Vandenburg, Christine McBride


Enterprise Facilitation®  Training, Granby,CO


EF and Board Training attendees for Granby, CO

Left to Right:Linda McCowan(Master Trainer)Wally Baird, Marise Cipriani, Patrick Brower, Jynnifer Pierro, Kyle Harris, Suzette McFaul (Sales for S.I.)




Calendar Of Events


  • April 28th Master Class - Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM)  Queensland


  • May 9th - 10th  PCC Trinity of Management  Sydney


  • April 23rd  Stellenbosch University South Africa


  • April 9th  University of California - Berkley MID Lecture  








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Ripples from the Zambezi

Recommended Reading in international

Colleges and Universities:

Dr. Sirolli writes a new book for Entrepreneurs

New Book cover

" How to Start a Business and Ignite Your Life - a simple Guide to Combining

Business Wisdom with Passion"

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